cbd oil for anxiety

How CBD Oil Can Relieve Anxiety Disorders?


Anxiety is bad for physical and mental health. Unnecessary stress is placed on your cardiovascular system and mind. It contributes to heart disease. Moreover, it even affects several crucial facets of life including relationship and work. Anxiety and stress can possibly turn out to be fatal.

Majority of population are handling the impact of anxiety disorder. Many are not aware of how or from where to obtain relief, while a few get addicted to drugs or medications. There are many who are aware about the risks of addiction, so they try to manage this detrimental condition.

CBD can help?

Latest research reports that CBD can help to alleviate anxiety in several ways like interacting with nerve cell receptors in the limbic system of your brain. Limbic system modulates human stress, anxiety, and emotions.

cbd oil for anxiety

In human and animal studies CBD demonstrated its interaction with serotonin, GABA and adenosine receptors associated with anxiety. It was reported that CBD is an efficient anxiolytic or an anxiety reducing agent.

There are several clinical trials, where people with SAD or social anxiety disorders were treated with CBD. It was found through neuroimaging that their anxiety decreased because of changes in the limbic & paralimbic regions of the brain believed to be connected with emotions, especially anxiety.


Will CBD increase anxiety?

CBD is connected with marijuana effects. Marijuana has high level of THC, which is responsible for the euphoric effect. On the other hand, CBD got from hemp plant differs in its extraction process and even has very low THC level [0.3%]. This does not cause the high.

Marijuana extracted CBD oil contains high THC level, which can make people feel paranoid or anxious. Hemp CBD oil produces calming effect, which sooths the minds of people with anxiety disorders. People struggling with PTSD, panic attacks, OCD, and SAD can get good night sleep with CBD oil, which can strengthen them to handle anxiety.

What is optimal CBD oil dosing for anxiety?

Each person differs, so their dosage level will also be different. Just a few drops is sufficient to get the desired effect for a few, while some may need a large amount. It depends on the severity of anxiety, weight, and delivery method. It is wise to start small and work way up or down, accordingly. Many products have recommended dosage on the label.

New CBD oil users prefer to start as low as 10 mg to 20 mg once or twice daily. A few use 1 mg twice daily for anxiety. Give your body time to feel the consistent effect with small dose and if necessary increase it a little after some days.

Sublingual means placing desired drops under your tongue. Hold it for 40-60 seconds prior swallowing. In vaporization, CBD vaporizer cartridge is used in the vape pen and you need to puff it. In the latter, absorption rate is higher, onset is faster and convenient to carry.

In the former, effects last long and measuring exact dosage is easy. Several people choose both, sublingual for main and vape pen as supplement between the doses. It is helpful to those struggling with chronic pain or anxiety and need supplement during the day.

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