Therapeutic Value of Medicinal Marijuana on PTSD And Anxiety


Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a suffering that lasts beyond the occurrence of some devastating event. It can be due to multiple reasons like violent assaults, natural disaster and war, kidnapping, sexual abuse and horrific car crash.

To help ease PTSD symptoms, marijuana may be recommended but choosing a strain randomly is not a wise idea. The chosen strain may increase anxiety instead of reducing it. Therefore, first get to know what kind of strain is best for your PTSD and anxiety symptoms.

PTSD symptoms fall under the following three categories

  1. Reliving the event – The involved person recollects the terrifying events via abrupt flashbacks or nightmares of memories related to the event. This can root other mental illnesses like anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, or addiction to substances.
  • Avoidance – PTSD sufferer often goes to extreme length of avoiding situations that reminds them of the horrific incident. For example, if it happened in their residence then they move to another or in a car then stop driving.
  • Heightened negativity – Feels negative about everything, lacks interest in hobbies, mood swings, memory issues, sleep disorders, aggressive behavior, and feel of hopelessness.

How successful is modern PTSD treatment?

PTSD treatment typically involves use of inhibitors that increase serotonin levels in the brain. It is a mood regulation hormone that actually occurs naturally in humans. Unfortunately, the efficiency of modern PTSD treatment is a topic of debate.

Many people are looking for optional treatment method. Medical marijuana can be very helpful, even though this ground is still in its early stages there are research that suggest it can be an efficient option. Below are some reasons –

Reduces anxiety

The most common manifestation of PTSD is chronic anxiety. Use of Marijuana vapes can be a great and natural way to treat the symptoms. CBD calms the nerves, eases anxiety and improves mood.

Stops nightmares

Research has revealed that use of marijuana can help to reduce REM sleep. In this sleep phase, the most vibrant dreams take place. So, medical marijuana can be of aid to reduce nightmares connected with PTSD.

Helps insomnia

Multiple research studies suggest that cannabinoid THC helps to decrease sleep latency and enhances sleep quality. Both are potent traits that can assist in overcoming insomnia.

Briefly speaking, both CBD and THC offer therapeutic value to people suffering from PTSD. As THC delivers contentment and euphoria it is crucial to find a balance, which suits you. Safe way is to start with high CBD strain with low THC concentration to see how mind and body responds. If you seem to find THC concentration tolerable then try strain with equal THC to CBD ratio.

Best strains for PTSD and anxiety

Blue Dream delivers mellow and euphoric high, which enhances the mood and can be best strain for managing PTSD symptoms, during daytime. Bruce banner strain delivers massive THC dose that is 30% and induces full body and mind relaxation. It is an ideal choice for using in the morning and daylight. Harlequin holds 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, thus stabilizes mood, averts terrorizing nightmares and so is good strain for day as well as night.

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