What Will Your Child Learn in Swim Lessons?

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Swimming lessons are a great activity for kids of all ages, and even for adults. It provides them with great exercise, and it’s a lot of fun. But what will your child actually learn in their swim lessons? While the answer to this will vary quite a bit based on your child’s skill level, a lot of it will be based on their ages as well. So, here’s what you can expect your kids to learn in their swim classes, based on their age groups.

Infant Classes

Infant swim classes in Los Angeles have gained a lot of attention in recent years. They’re a great idea for every baby, because they can literally save your child’s life in the event of an unfortunate accident near a pool or other body of water. In these classes, your baby will learn the very basic water skills needed to survive if they fall into the water without an adult around. Namely, they will learn to (1) hold their breath, (2) turn onto their back, and (3) float with their face above the water. Any baby can learn to do these things, and they have saved more than one child’s life in the past.

Toddler Classes

Toddler swimming classes are usually focused on gaining confidence in the water. Often, these classes are designed to be done with a parent in the water as well, so you can help your child along. You’ll help them get comfortable putting their face in the water, teach them the basic movements of kicking and paddling, and help them to enjoy being in the water. With these skills under their belts, they’ll be prepared to become more confident swimmers.

Children’s Classes

For older children, the focus of their lessons will vary more widely by skill level than in the previous age groups. Lessons can range from learning basic swimming abilities, to mastering complex strokes and improving technique for swim competitions. Often, swimming instructors will test a child’s swimming skills in order to place them in the proper class for their lessons.

If your child is already a skilled, confident swimmer, you may want to look into getting them on a swim team instead of simply enrolling them in lessons. This will help them to focus more on pursuing swimming as a competitive sport, if this is the path they wish to take with it.

Swimming lessons are a fun activity for any child, no matter their age. And, as with infant swimming classes in Los Angeles, it can be a life-saving activity as well. So look into enrolling your kids in swim classes today.

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