What Are the Best Ways to Read Road Signs?


There are several road signs. Many of us don’t know the meaning of all of them. It often confuses you when you don’t understand what they imply. To help you understand these signs, we are providing you a helpful guide that will describe you the meaning of commonly used road signs.

Importance of shapes of road signs in comprehending its meaning

The shape of road signs is significant in learning about its meaning. Circular shape of signs reveals some extent of prohibition on motorists. The ones with red borders show caution. One of the commonly used circular, and red-bordered signs imply speed limit.

30 mpg sign

This format is used for no left or right turn signs, no U-turn signs, no entry, and for width, weight, or height limits on the road ahead. To pass a theory test, you need to enroll yourself for theory test booking as early as possible.

Blue circular signs

This sign is used to provide instructions which mean ahead only, or turn right or left ahead. Signs with blue-circle denotes speed that is for minimum instead of maximum speeds.

Blue rectangular signs

Blue rectangular signs are used to provide information such as exit details, directions, and distances to cities and towns on motorways. Green rectangular signs have the same role on the popular non-motorway routes.

Triangular signs

These signs are used to warn drivers, about road layouts or conditions ahead. These signs mostly have red borders.

Triangle signs

Some of the commonly seen triangle signs indicate:

  • a forthcoming junction at which riders should give way
  • roundabout ahead
  • bend ahead
  • slippery road conditions
  • traffic lights ahead

These warning signs cover the gradients of hills and upcoming tunnels or level crossings.

Rectangular signs

These signs offer a wide range of information to motorists in conjunction with triangular or circular signs. Signs that have a rectangular plate prompts people to “REDUCE SPEED Immediately”. With warning related to hazards, a rectangular plate is needed to provide details of dangers such as hidden dips, blind roads and summits that are liable to get flooded.

Rectangular signs help in communicating information related to parking restrictions, bus lanes, and congestion charging zones. They provide information related to lane restrictions ahead. It also tells you to make the right lane selection on the basis on which direction you need to turn.

No waiting

This sign implies that you are permitted to drop off or stop to pick up passengers but you may not stay for a longer time. A no waiting sign is accompanied by a single yellow line also. It symbolizes restriction at specific days or times of day.

No stopping

This applies on specific busy routes. You are not allowed to stop to pick up passengers.

Urban Clearway

This sign symbolizes a busy urban road where automobiles are not permitted to wait. The restriction is applicable only for a certain duration of day, especially during rush hour.


A good understanding of road signs is very important if you want a safe drive without violating the law. This simple guide will help in solving common road-sign queries that you have in your mind.

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